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In Remembrance


The Demonologist is a nonfiction title that was first published in 1980 and has remained in print ever since. It first appeared as a hardback for Prentice-Hall, and then as a paperback with Berkley Books, and then later with St. Martin’s Press, and now with iUniverse. The title has enjoyed worldwide distribution, and is printed in both English and Japanese. Still, despite its popularity with readers, the book has remained hard to get. Year after year demand has always exceeded supply. This is because the book’s publishers were either merged or acquired over the course of time, and as a result they stopped printing their inventory. Consequently less books were available. Readers therefore had to turn to other sources like E-bay or second-hand booksellers in order to acquire the title. Unfortunately, it got to the point where people had to pay many hundreds of dollars for used copies of The Demonologist, just to get the information it contains. Well, that problem is finally over. In conjunction with the Authors Guild in New York, The Demonologist is now permanently back in print, at an affordable price, uncut in its original full-sized form.

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Fear not. The Demonologist is not a negative book. It’s a positive one. However you’ll find it to be unlike any book you have ever read. Because this is not just another aimless collection of ghost stories. It is in fact a religious book. Specifically, it is a book about mystical theology. It contains material once known only to saints and scholars. In it you will learn not just how, but why mystical phenomena occur, and exactly what’s behind it. Ultimately, this book will scare you. It may even scare you profoundly. But it is to be scared in a worthwhile way. Because you will come to see, like others before you, that there is more to life than you have ever been taught to believe. It is serious stuff, granted, but it is also important stuff, especially in this day and age when true evil has emerged again. In the end, reading The Demonologist may potentially send you back to church. But that, dear reader, is the worst that can happen to you.
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The answer is no. At least no more so than reading the Bible, where the story broke in the first place.
In reality, when it comes to the subject of spirit phenomena, knowledge is actually power. Ignorance, on the other hand, creates vulnerability. For in a very real way, spirits thrive on ignorance. They function best when you don't know they're there.
One needs to know, furthermore, that diabolical activity does not just happen. Invariably you have to do something to bring it about. In the Exorcist case, for example, the culprit was a ouija board. In the Amityville case, transcendental meditation was to blame.
According to demonologists, the majority of spirit outbreaks get started after dabbling with the occult, or by moving into a house that was already haunted in the first place.
Most cases are triggered by interactions with the occult. Seances, ouija boards, curses, rituals, channeling, and spells are the prime causes of trouble. But as many people have learned, buying an old house or buying a house with a checkered past, can just as easily set the process in motion.
Interacting with spirits can actually ruin your life. The best thing you can do as a human being is to know they exist - so you can stay out of their way. Therefore when it comes to this subject, know-ledge is not only power, it's the best protection you can have. Bringing this knowledge into the light is what The Demon-ologist is all about. Read it yourself - and find out what the rest of us already know.